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Founder: Prianka Dhir

Hey! I'm Prianka. 

WOC founder. Tech entrepreneur. Wedding industry expert. 


Booked Summit was created out of my passion for empowering wedding professionals to challenge the status-quo by using new strategies to take their creative brands to the next level. Of course, no journey is easy when you're doing it alone, which launched the idea of the digital summit. More community and more empowerment in an industry that needs it, wants it, and craves it the most, now more than ever. 


At Booked, my job is to guide you down the path of extreme success and help you build the wedding business of your dreams (with the help of a few friends and experts of course). 


I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence, and always go the extra mile to make sure the Booked community is thrilled with every piece of work my team and I create. I believe in having an innovative, badass, no-nonsense approach to growth, marketing, branding, social and design and we put it all on the table at Booked.

Let’s work together to build your brand and help you get booked. 


See you online!


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