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OFFERING Less and Getting More: How to Deconstruct Your Services to Maximize Your Potential Income

Session Speaker: Annie Lee

30 mins


Full-service or all-inclusive packages are declining in popularity according to research data from The Wedding Report. In this talk with Annie Lee of Plannie and Daughter of Design, we explore the market demand for "itemized" services and how that applies to your event business.. Annie will discuss how Plannie is reinventing event planner "packages" and offering hourly event planning as the demand for access to a planner increases yet the demand for a full-service planner declines. In this session, we'll explore the changing wedding landscape and the future of the event business model. 

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NAVIGATING rescheduling + cancelation of contracts during COVID

Session Speaker: Magi Fisher

30 mins


Chat all things rescheduling and cancelation with Magi Fisher of The Artists’ Lawyer. Magi will discuss best practices and important clauses to be aware of in your contracts with COVID in mind, followed by an open Q&A. Get ready to have all of your questions answered! 

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4 Tips to Building an Inclusive Creative Team

Session Speaker: Chanda Daniels

30 mins


Inclusivity starts with you! Learn 4 tips on building a diverse and inclusive creative wedding team for your business.

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The Treasure Behind Transparency: The Benefits of Running an Open, Honest, and Accessible Business

Session Speaker: Trevor Wessman-Lavelle

30 mins


Our binge-watch lists are getting shorter and our patience to get back to normal is getting thinner, but the truth of the matter is, this global pandemic has opened our eyes to all the traits we share with each other, and all the things we value the most in life. And, whether we considered ourselves techies and early adopters or not, our collective eyes have also been forced open to the undeniable value that technology brings to our lives and our businesses in ways we hadn't yet imagined. In this conversation with Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, President at Aisle Planner, we'll discuss how transparency through technology can empower you to transform the client experience, make your business more efficient, and you a more effective business boss.

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How To Craft A Unique Brand Story

Session Speaker: Anja Winikka

30 mins

This workshop is perfect for those of you who are working on giving your websites a refresh or an edit and are totally willing to get your hands dirty. We'll cover the ins and outs of brand story basics, including relevant examples (within and outside of the industry). I’ll then walk you through some brand story prompts and then provide you with a template to help you structure and write yours. 

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How to Think Like a Social Media Manager

Workshop Speaker: Tayler Cusick-Hollman

30 mins


The key to consistently (and successfully) using social media to reach potential clients is learning how to approach your planning like an outsider would. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create an objective strategy, learn what makes a killer social media post, and get tips to quickly plan out your posts!

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BUILDING a True-To-You Business: A Branding Workshop

Workshop Speaker: Praise Santos

30 mins


Feeling out-of-place when you talk about your business? Drawing a blank on what to say when you try to post on social media? The answer isn’t a new logo or a better website: it’s being yourself. This workshop will create space to hone in on your personal brand so you can attract your ideal client, building a business you can be proud of.

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Technology You Should Be Using in Your Events Business

Session Speaker: Lauren Grech

30 mins


I’m going to start out with admitting a major secret - I hate technology. Seriously, it’s so hard. It’s hard for me to keep up with Tik Tok, Instagram, Clubhouse, my clients, event planning, sales, virtual networking, and the list goes on!

In 2020 I think we all realized where we needed technology most in our business. Contract signing changed, task management became remote, I could no longer rely on my daily planner for scheduling, instead I needed a shareable google calendar.

Social media and technology became a must have for running an events business. In this session I’m going to be sharing some of the technology I use to run my business, sales, manage my team and clients, and all the secrets to keeping me organized, efficient, and most importantly sane! Come fall in love with technology and I’ll show you how to grow your team and your revenue.

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How To Be Your Own Self Publisher

Session Speaker: Sarah Kay Love

30 mins

With the ever-changing world of publications, we will discuss rethinking your strategy for getting published and new avenues of publication that you can do to become your own self-publisher.

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Sarah Kay Love Headshot 2.jpg
Why Price Per Person Matters to Every Wedding Pro

Session Speaker: Valerie Gernhauser

30 mins

Do you have a difficult time identifying your ideal client? It's much more than target overall budget and personality. In this session, I am going to share with you how to find your ideal price per person and what that means as you engage with potential clients through the sales process, how to calculate this figure, and why this is important for every wedding pro to know and understand. 

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Annie Session
Magi Session
Chanda Session
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