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Session Speaker: Annie Lee

30 mins


Is the traditional "wedding planning package" agile enough for the digital age and post-Covid era? Plannie modernizes the compensation model for event planners and also opens up the market base which in turn creates additional revenue for planners. Founder Annie Lee, shares how Plannie is scaling a business model that adapts to the increasing demand for faster and flexible access to planners. In this session, we'll explore the changing wedding landscape and the future of the event planner business model. 

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BOOK More Clients and Deliver An Exceptional Customer Experience with Aisle Planner

Session Speaker: Trevor Wessman-Lavelle

30 mins


In the age of Amazon and all things streaming, curating a personalized, seamless, digital experience isn't just a nice-to-have. It's what your clients expect. Join Aisle Planner's President, Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, to learn how they've built a powerful software platform for every event professional, and how connecting every step of your marketing, booking, and project management processes, centralizing your communications, and managing every detail in one place leads to stronger sales and bigger client smiles, and ensures your sanity's left intact, event after event.

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REVERSE Engineering Your Pricing to Charge Your Worth

Session Speaker: Valerie Gernhauser

30 mins


Pricing for Profit is more than simply raising your prices. I start with where I want to be, then reverse engineer the math to calculate a fee structure to cover my expenses and earn a profit. This works for wedding pros of all kinds (not just planners!) and across all markets (not just the luxury market)! I am going to share my strategy and how to effectively earn more for your creative wedding business. 

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YOUR Secret Weapon: The High End Planner

Session Speaker: Julie Bunkley & Courtney Wolf

30 mins


Ever wonder what a high end planner needs and wants from their creative partners? This jam-packed session will walk you through how to establish and nurture the planner/creative relationship as well as share a healthy set of do's and don'ts - from initial inquiry to wedding day and beyond. You'll know exactly what you should (and more importantly, should not!) be doing with regards to earning business with high end planners and their clients and what ultimately makes a planner gush (or rant!) over their experience with you. 

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4 TIPS to Creating Authentic Change in The Wedding Industry

Session Speaker: Chanda Daniels

30 mins


With the recent changes in the world, there is one thing for certain, we cannot go back to the way we were. In this session, we will explore how to create authentic change within the industry. We are all creative individuals with unique perspectives, let’s use them to make change.

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Session Speaker: Ayaz Lakhani

30 mins


Email marketing made simple. 


Learn how to create and execute a successful email marketing strategy for your business. Whether you’re trying to grow your leads or nurture existing ones, we’ll walk through tips, tricks, and examples of “Gold Standard” email campaigns.

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THRIVE in the South Asian wedding market

Session Speaker: Sobi Qazi

30 mins


Learn to tap into the profitable potential of the South Asian wedding market and
thrive within the $50 Billion industry annually worldwide. SQ Consultancy is focusing
on how professionals who want to venture successfully into the market can develop
skills and knowledge to immerse their business and grow exponentially.

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HOW to be authentically LGBTQ+ inclusive

Session Speaker: Kirsten Palladino

30 mins


Hi love champions! I’m going to teach you some of the basic steps for building an LGBTQ+ client base, creating community with LGBTQ+ friendly creatives, and easily updating your marketing and business communication and training to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.

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FINDING Your Unique Niche in the Wedding Market

Session Speaker: Shawna Gohel

30 mins


There is nothing more satisfying than working side by side with clients you adore and bringing their vision to life. Finding your niche in the wedding market is an evolving journey for your business.  Join me in this 30 min conversation to learn more about how to define your niche, define your client, and attract those clients who are the perfect fit for you.

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The Top 3 Contract Considerations for 2021

Session Speaker: Caroline Fox

30 mins


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that the events industry relies HEAVILY on contracts.  Today, we'll be discussing the following critical contract topics as we move into 2021:


1) Scope of work-- keeping your contracts specific and zipped up to ensure clarity and protection;


2) Fees -- how to (i) keep those nonrefundable deposits and (ii) structure flat fees vs. percentage-based fees-- which are making a comeback!-- and


3) Postponements and Cancellations in a post-COVID world. Participants will be given additional information and resources to consult after the session to deepen their knowledge.

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